Deluxe Adorable Child Clownfish From Pixar Animated Film Finding Nemo Little Baby Fishy Halloween Cosplay Costume

  • £29.99 GBP

Deluxe Nemo Costume


You won't have any problem finding Nemo when your little one is dressed up in this cute costume. They'll have a grin as big as the one on Nemo's face when wearing this super soft velour padded outfit that includes separate hood.


  • 3D plush with padded tummy

  • Self-stick fabric closure shoulders & bottom strap for easy on/off

  • Elastic hood w/self-stick fabric closure for a comfy fit; Top of fin squeaks when pressed


Items Included:  

  • Tunic

  • Hood


Size Chart:  

Size Hight 
Thorax Belt Line Hips
XS 80-90cm
(50-54)54 50 58
S 90-110cm 57 53 60
M 110~130cm 58 54 62

Note: Please make sure you have the correct height before making a purchase.