Flying Fairy Magical Princess Cute Dolls Toy

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Products Features

Compact, flexible operation, safe and reliable. Interactive control, interesting. Multiple safety protection circuit design.  


Power supply: Aircraft using 70mAH polymer lithium-ion rechargeable battery.  

Way  Charging: USB Charge.  

Charging time: 20-30 minutes.  

Flight time: 6-10 minutes.

Suitable for ages 14+   


Control Method:  


Open the switch, the drone will fly after 3 minutes. Put your hand under the drone, the drone will rise flying.   

Take away your hand, the drone will automatically land. Put your hand under the drone, the toy will rise flying.  

And if you want to quit control, you should hold the drone from the drone's Side (Not underneath), and then turn off the switch.  

Package Content:


1xCharge cable

1x  switch            

NOTE: It has two wings that need to be installed manually, don't worry, very simple

             No original box. We use the foam packing to protect it,  to better protect the product