Rapid Cooling Sports Towel Microfiber Fabric Quick-Dry Ice Towels Fitness Yoga Climbing Exercise Outdoor Towel

  • £7.58 GBP


  • Super evaporative, feels significantly cooler in hot

  • Physical cooling, chemical-free

  • Fast and easy, run under water for 1 minute

  • Durable and not ball, wear for hours or for quick relief

  • Acarid-proof and antibiosis, breathable

  • The cooling towel keep you cool during walking, bike riding, golfing, fishing or other outdoor activities, perfect for anyone engaged in sports or outwork. When the towel is dry, it absorbs sweat and moisture away from the skin.

  • Size: 31x100cm

  • Material: High density cold sense yarn

  • Type: face towel

  • Color: sky blue,blue;hot pink,green,gray,,purple,orange,pink

  • Use: home, hotel, sports, beach, hiking, travel, gift

  • First use, wash the product with water, the product contained fungicide Clear.

  • After use, the absorbent ice towel wash saved.

  • This product is exposed to the air for long periods of time will lose moisture and become dries hard, prevent bacterial invasion hygiene.

  • The next time when you use sponge towel, soaked in warm water for a few seconds, it will return to soft, does not affect the results

Package Include:

1 X Summer Iced Towel