YAGE 18650 Rechargeable Electric Fly Trap Mosquito Killers Pest Control USB Bug Zapper Reject Racket Trap 2200V Electric Shock

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Brand Name:YAGE

Working Voltage:2200V


Rated Voltage:110-240V

Overall Length:536mm

Product Feature:With Lights

Power Source:Batteries

Mesh Width:228mm

Charging Time:6-8 Hours

With Batteries:Yes

Model Number:YG-D701

Mesh Style:3-Layer


Battery Capacity:1200mAh


Use for:Mosquitoes, moths, crickets, flies and other flying insects

Package:Bug Zapper+Box


D701 (1)


Easily Eliminate all kinds of flying insects

Mosquito or Fly or Fruit Flies or Small Moth or Small Flying Insects 


D701 (2)


1200 mAh rechargeable lithium 18650 battery inside

Can be used 20-30days for once charger



D701 (3)



Each electric mosquito swatter connerns a family's safety


D701 (4)



Safety 1 No electric shock to human been even touched net

Safety 2 Original lithium battery, more safety


D701 (5)



Safety 3 Original high temperature resistance ABS material



D701 (6)

Part 1- 1  1200mAh lithium battery inside

Part 1- 2  USB Charger more safer


D701 (8)


Part1- 3  USB Charger can connect with phone charger or PC or Power Bank and so on



D701 (10)




Part 1- 4  Charge 4-8h one time use 20-25 days


D701 (11)



Part 1- 5  Charging fulfill red light turn to green light 


D701 (12)



Part 2-1  2200V voltage, kill flying insects effciently

Do not use your fingers to squeeze the surface of the mosquito swatter.
Do not use the mosquito swatter beside the flammable gas or liquid.
Do not use water to clean the mosquito swatter.
Do not insert the metal object into the net surface.



D701 (13)



Part 2-2  522 square centimeter mosquito has nowhere to escape


D701 (14)



Part 2-3  Small insects can not escape 2*2 mm high-density working net



D701 (15)



Part 2-4  Use conveniently at night with 0.2W SMD LED


D701 (16)



Part 2-5  Dual-switch safety design to avold electric shock to human


D701 (17)



Part 2-6  Superior ABS material shock-resistance & comfortable feeling


D701 (18)